Can losing weight save you money?

Considering the epidemic of obesity in the United States (73 million people according to it sounds very possible that being a slimmer you can lead to saving money.  Check out this article from that analyzes the relationship between being obese and it having a costly effect on your savings and earning potential.

It makes sense when you think of it.  The obvious impact it would have would be on your medical bills and food allowance.  In fact, many meals today are almost double a normal serving size for a healthy adult, cutting this in half would double the money available to you in your food allowance.  Then there’s the impact obesity has on perception in the tough job market we have today.  I feel that potential employers would be less likely to hire an overweight person versus an equally qualified person that isn’t obese.  There’s been reports on the human perception of obese versus non-obese people and it isn’t too far-fetched.  Also, when faced with promotions or raises, it’s equally likely that an obese person would lose a chance at a promotion or a raise just because of their obesity.

Being healthy can lead to many things and saving money may be one of them, it sure wouldn’t hurt not to be one of those 73 million people.


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North Easterner living in the ATL with an unhealthy fascination for all things financial health!
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