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Decisions of the Mega Rich

Recently we’ve seen some major news stories about the mega rich finding smart ways to spend their hard earned money.  Last night on 60 minutes it was reported that Bill and Melinda Gates plan to donate over 90% of their … Continue reading

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Working together

You’re doing all you can, paying all those bills on time, eating at home when you used to go out, even working a second job (for many) but no matter how hard you try, you’re not making ends meet.  What’s … Continue reading

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Can losing weight save you money?

Considering the epidemic of obesity in the United States (73 million people according to it sounds very possible that being a slimmer you can lead to saving money.  Check out this article from that analyzes the relationship between … Continue reading

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Do’s and Don’ts – Credit Scores

The 3 digit number that controls your financial life more than any other is that of the credit score.  The score started seeing widespread use in 1990 by Minnesota Based company FICO and has become the most popular scoring model … Continue reading

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Time is opportunity…

I had a nice post lined up for how I was going to relate money to opportunity cost and opportunity cost to the concept of time, but WordPress lost my autosave somehow. So just take my word for it, ok? … Continue reading

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Why you should be saving

Saving money is a tough endeavor for many people, at a young age your mind begins to understand in order to acquire something you want, you need to expend money.  You’re literally bombarded with commercials on what to spend your … Continue reading

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Are you Budget Conscious?

There are many major events in life that define and shape who you are as an adult, many of which you don’t see coming until it’s right on top of you.  Many people that leave the security of their parents … Continue reading

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